(Y2) Persistent Problem Solving!

Check out this super problem solver! He has had to find different objects using co-ordinates to find the secret code and work out the secret location of the buried treasure! He worked independently and managed to solve it! Hurrah! Well done!

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(Y3) Marvellous Multiples

These two mathematical geniuses have been thinking about multiples. Listen to how the girls answered Mr Denton’s tricky maths question listen to ‘(Y3) Marvellous Multiples’ on Audioboo

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Double Dominoes

This Year One pupil was the first child in his class to find all the double dominoes. He also put them all in the correct order. Well done!

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Marvellous Maths in Y1!

This pupil from Year One has been busy calculating the answers to some tricky maths problems!

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