(Y4) Fantastic Writing!

This pupil blew Mr Ellison’s socks off with her superb explanation writing! Well done! Users who have LIKED this post:

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(Y3) Fantastic Writing!

This pupil received a prize from Mrs Hill after reading out her fantastic writing! Can you hear the amazing vocabulary choices that this pupil has made after thinking carefully about the feedback she had received from Mrs Clarke? Which is your favourite sentence and why? Users who have LIKED this post:

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(Y1) TfW – The Princess & the Three Cats

Mrs Hill was thrilled when this Year One pupil came to share her innovated story as it involved two of her favourite things: Talk for Writing and cats! In this video, the Year One pupil reads her story: ‘The Princess and the Three Cats’.  Prepare to be amazed at this child’s reading and writing skills!

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(R) Great Writing!

Both of these Reception pupils have been doing great writing. Well done!

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Going the Extra Mile With Writing

These children have completed not one, not two, but three Big Writes this week! Each pupil completed a play script based on the Fire of London with Miss O’Connor, composed a Non Chronological Report about polar bears with Miss Hill and wrote a story at home.  What a busy week of writing. Well done! Watch them read their […]

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(Y2) ‘Pants Man’

Listen to this Year Two pupil’s fantastic description of her character ‘Pants Man’! Miss Hill was very impressed with the writing and awarded the pupil with a spot prize of some ‘polishing pens’ so she can continue to make her writing even better.

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Invitation to a Baptism

Check out the fantastic invitations that this pupil has made for a Baptism at St John’s.

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Good Writing in Y6

This pupil was sent to Miss Hill today to read out his fabulous writing. Such a good effort deserved a spot prize! Well done!

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