(Y2) Persistent Problem Solving!

Check out this super problem solver! He has had to find different objects using co-ordinates to find the secret code and work out the secret location of the buried treasure! He worked independently and managed to solve it! Hurrah! Well done!

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(Y2) Writing Cold Task

This pupil worked really hard to write her cold task: a report about sheep. We are all excited to read her hot task in a couple of weeks time. Well done!

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Super Drawing

Check out how proud this Year Two pupil is of her drawing!

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Going the Extra Mile With Writing

These children have completed not one, not two, but three Big Writes this week! Each pupil completed a play script based on the Fire of London with Miss O’Connor, composed a Non Chronological Report about polar bears with Miss Hill and wrote a story at home.  What a busy week of writing. Well done! Watch them read their […]

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(Y2) Planning a Story Using Makaton

Year Two have blown Miss O’Connor’s socks off today! The children have learned some new ‘Makaton’ signs and symbols to help them with their writing. The children were engaged and enthused to put their new skills into practise and planned some wonderful stories! The children used a mixture of pictures and Makaton symbols to plan […]

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(Y2) ‘Traction Man Story’

This pupil has worked really hard on her Traction Man story. We’ll done! listen to ‘(Y2) Traction Man Story’ on Audioboo

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(Y2) ‘Pants Man’

Listen to this Year Two pupil’s fantastic description of her character ‘Pants Man’! Miss Hill was very impressed with the writing and awarded the pupil with a spot prize of some ‘polishing pens’ so she can continue to make her writing even better.

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‘Poisonous Polar Bears’ Non Chronological Report

This pupil created a story map of a report about a poisonous polar bear. Where was the story map created? At home! He has obviously been practising retelling his non chronological report. Why don’t you watch for yourself in this video?

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Another Summer Reading Challenge Success

Another pupil from Year Two shared their Summer Reading Challenge certificate and medal from the local library for reading 6 books today.

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Summer Reading Challenge Completed

Well done to this Year Two pupil who completed this year’s Summer Reading Challenge at  local libraries.

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