(Y3) Fantastic Writing!

This pupil received a prize from Mrs Hill after reading out her fantastic writing! Can you hear the amazing vocabulary choices that this pupil has made after thinking carefully about the feedback she had received from Mrs Clarke? Which is your favourite sentence and why? Users who have LIKED this post:

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(Y3) Marvellous Multiples

These two mathematical geniuses have been thinking about multiples. Listen to how the girls answered Mr Denton’s tricky maths question listen to ‘(Y3) Marvellous Multiples’ on Audioboo

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‘Revolting Children’ Dance

This fabulous dance is performed by a Year Three pupil and a Year Five pupil to the Annie soundtrack ‘Revolting Children’.

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Invitation to a Baptism

Check out the fantastic invitations that this pupil has made for a Baptism at St John’s.

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